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Despicable Me / Minions Mineez - Choose Your Figure

Despicable Me / Minions Mineez - Choose Your Figure

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Collect all 75 awesome Mineez minifigures in this series 1 collection, featuring characters from the ever popular Despicable Me and Minions movies, that are awesomely squishy too!

Mineez minifigures in this collection are:
1-01 Baby Minion
1-02 Edith
1-03 Miss Minion ULTRA RARE
1-04 Gru
1-05 Lucy
1-06 Margo
1-07 Minion Mama
1-08 Minion Papa RARE
1-09 Agnes
1-10 Amphibious Minion RARE
1-11 Au Naturel Minion
1-12 Cro-Minion
1-13 Egyptian Minion RARE
1-14 Bored Silly Minion
1-15 Vive le Minion ULTRA RARE
1-16 Single Celled Minion
1-17 Gone Batty Minion
1-18 Hippie Stuart RARE
1-19 Beach Bum Minion RARE
1-20 Tubing Minion RARE
1-21 Snorkeling Minion
1-22 Starfished Minion
1-23 Surf's Up Minion
1-24 Ukulele Minion
1-25 Hula Dancer Minion RARE
1-26 Duckring Minion ULTRA RARE
1-27 Hole in One Minion
1-28 Bustin' Out Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-29 Jail Time Mel SPECIAL EDITION
1-30 Innocent Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-31 Mugshot Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-32 Ball n Chain Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-33 Locked Up Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-34 Banana Contraband Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-35 Pumping Iron Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-36 Breakin' Out Minion SPECIAL EDITION
1-37 Masher Minion
1-38 Plunger Gru
1-39 Hungry Minion ULTRA RARE
1-40 Boss Man Mel
1-41 Frozen Dr Nefario RARE
1-42 Picketing Minion
1-43 Chainsaw Minion RARE
1-44 Picky Minion RARE
1-45 Plunger Minion RARE
1-46 Luau Jerry
1-47 Luau Dave ULTRA RARE
1-48 Luau Gru
1-49 Luau Lucy RARE
1-50 Tiki Trash Can
1-51 Luau Kyle
1-52 Aloha Agnes RARE
1-53 Luau Margo RARE
1-54 Luau Edith RARE
1-55 Say Cheese Agnes RARE
1-56 Cheez Head
1-57 Big Cheese Edith RARE
1-58 Cheddar Head Dave RARE
1-59 Cheese Fest Margo RARE
1-60 Niko RARE
1-61 Cheese Hat Jerry ULTRA RARE
1-62 Cheesy Lucy RARE
1-63 Freedonian Pig
1-64 Beehive Minion
1-65 Leaf Blower Minion
1-66 Hazmat Minion RARE
1-67 Raking Minion RARE
1-68 Yard Dog
1-69 Lawn Warrior Minion RARE
1-70 Shoveling Stuart ULTRA RARE
1-71 Garden Gnome RARE
1-72 Crew Leader Minion
1-73 Movie Knight Minion LIMITED EDITION
1-74 Best Supporting Minion LIMITED EDITION
1-75 One in a Minion LIMITED EDITION
1-76 Unigoat ULTRA LOST

Every Despicable Me Mineez minifigure is brand new and provided loose in a ziplock bag.


Despicable Me / Minions Mineez are approximately 20 - 30mm in height (2 - 3cm, 0.8 - 1.2 inches).

Important Information

Safety Information:
Toys are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Some products have higher recommended ages, so make sure to check any packaging provided. Parental supervision is always advised.

Toys displayed are examples of what you will receive. As with all figures there will be variation in quality of moulding, paintwork, etc. Products shown are not to scale, and may be larger or smaller in real life, than shown in the images.

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