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Topps Gonkers - Choose Yours

Topps Gonkers - Choose Yours

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Gonkers are magical gonks that have gone a little bonkers! These fun-loving Gonkers sport a variety of whimsical, fanciful hats, from the classic pointed beanie to the downright silly. Who knows? One might be wearing a giant goldfish! Keep your eye out for the rare Gonkers with golden hats.

There are 15 Topps Gonkers to collect including Bakery Blake, Big Finn, Captain Chuckles, Cool Carl, Deep Sea Dave, Fiery Frank, Flopalong Cassidy, Foodie Rudy, Pumpkin Duncan, Spot-on Spence, Starry Stu, Tropical Troy, and gold rares Ivar the Odd, Jesse the Jester, and Rocket Rocky!

Every Topps Gonkers figure is brand new and will be provided loose in a capsule for its protection with its sticker.


Topps Gonkers figures are approximately 45mm height (4.5cm, 1.8inches).

Important Information

Safety Information:
Toys are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Parental supervision is always advised. Recommended for children aged 4 and above.

Toys displayed are examples of what you will receive. As with all figures there will be variation in quality of moulding, paintwork, etc. Products shown are not to scale, and may be larger or smaller in real life, than shown in the images.

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