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KookyLoos Party Time Series (2023)

KookyLoos Party Time Series (2023)

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Collect all 12 super stylish KookyLoos Party Time dolls in this all new 2023 collection from Magic Box Toys, that features the girls and boys *for the first time* enjoying themselves.

Whether they are dancing to some music, enjoying popcorn at the cinema, getting glammed up for the red carpet, or enjoying some cosplay, there is a style for everyone!

Each KookyLoos Party Time doll comes with accessories according to their taste and hobbies, including shoes, dresses, toys. Plus, each doll has 3 different facial expressions too!

Every KookyLoos Party Time doll is brand new and will come sealed in its original packaging. You’ll receive one randomly selected mystery pack.


KookyLoos Party Time dolls are approximately 75mm in height (7.5cm, 3 inches).

Important Information

Safety Information:
These toys are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Toys displayed are examples of what you will receive. There can be a significant chance you will not receive the exact one(s) depicted, due to the random nature of surprise toys. For the same reason orders containing multiples of the same product may result in duplicate toys. Products shown are not to scale, and may be larger or smaller in real life, than shown in the images.

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