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Roblox Virtual Items - Choose Yours

Roblox Virtual Items - Choose Yours

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Collect every Roblox Virtual Item available exclusively from blind boxes. Items include the popular Mermaid Mystique, the awesome Sour Head, the divine Obsidian Headband, and many more!

Virtual codes will be sent within a few hours of purchase (during UK daytime hours), to the email account you registered with, so please ensure it is valid. If you have any issues contact us using the contact form or email

Bonus codes when redeemed will grant you an ultra-rare item, however I cannot guarantee what you’ll receive, as this is randomly assigned by the Roblox game.

As this is a non-tangible item, that cannot be resold once redeemed, no returns or refunds will be accepted. Any request to refund or chargeback will result in Roblox customer services assigning me a replace code, and the permanent termination of your account and the loss of all your items, for violation of their ToS.


Virtual Items have no physical size.

Important Information

You will *not* receive any toy figures, this listing is only for virtual items *only* for use within the Roblox game. Please visit our other listings for Roblox toy figures.

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