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Squishmallows Squishville Series 6 - Choose Yours

Squishmallows Squishville Series 6 - Choose Yours

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New & Sealed Genuine Licensed Squishmallows from Jazwares

Get ready for the squish-venture of a lifetime with Squishville Mystery Mini Squishmallows Series 4! These adorably little squishy plushies feature your favourite Squishmallows characters in a mini 2 inch size.

Each Squishville Mystery Mini Squishmallows plushie comes with a fashionable accessory that you can squish them in and out of, and that you can mix and match fashions with every mini Squishmallows in your squishy world.

This Squishville Series 4 collection features 24 all new mini Squishmallows to collect.

Every Squishmallows Squishville Mystery Mini is brand new and sealed in its original packaging. You’ll receive one randomly selected plush in the capsule colour of your choosing.


Squishmallows Squishville Mini plushies are 50mm in height (5cm, 2 inches).

Important Information

Safety Information:
Toys are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Toys displayed are examples of what you will receive. There can be a significant chance you will not receive the exact one(s) depicted, due to the random nature of surprise toys. For the same reason orders containing multiples of the same product may result in duplicate toys. Products shown are not to scale, and may be larger or smaller in real life, than shown in the images.

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