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Pikmi Pops Surprise Pikmi Flips Fruit Fiesta

Pikmi Pops Surprise Pikmi Flips Fruit Fiesta

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Collect every Pikmi Pop in this Pikmi Flips Fruit Fiesta series that features three scented themes of PineappleWatermelon, and Strawberry.

Flip each scented fruit plushie into an adorable character including Ting the Mouse, Napple the Monkey (Ultra Rare), Charm the Unicorn, Burt the Turtle (Rare), Tex the Dog, Tubble the Bear, Tamo the Pony (Rare), Natsu the Narwhal (Ultra Rare), Puka the Llama, Toddle the Sloth (Rare), Kippa the Cat, and Baca the Bunny.

Every Pikmi Pop is brand new and sealed in its original packaging. You’ll receive one randomly selected plush in the theme of your choosing.


Pikmi Pops Pikmi Flips plushies are approximately 90mm in height (9cm, 3.6 inches).

Important Information

Safety Information:
Toys are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Some products have higher recommended ages, so make sure to check the packaging. Parental supervision is always advised.

Toys displayed are examples of what you will receive. There can be a significant chance you will not receive the exact one(s) depicted, due to the random nature of surprise toys. For the same reason orders containing multiples of the same product may result in duplicate toys. Products shown are not to scale, and may be larger or smaller in real life, than shown in the images.

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